Dream Quest is a very special game for me because it is inspired by the likes of Ascension, Magic: the Gathering, and Shandalar and also created a roguelike deckbuilding genre. It is developed my Idol Peter Whalen who was later hired to the Hearthstone team. The best thing about this game is you face very unique enemies that prevent you from focusing on some powerful deck and easy wins. There are enemies that don’t hurt by certain damage types or steals your deck of cards which might be hard to beat with strong decks focused on limited cards. Dreamshard is also inspired by Dream Quest other than Hearthstone and Slay The Spire. There is only one bad thing about the game and it is the art. I think if it had better art it could be as popular as Slay The Spire.

games like dream quest

If you are into roguelike deck builders you should totally try it on ios or steam. If you already played it you want to play games like dream quest that you can wander around a dungeon, build your deck and battle with enemies you will probably like Dreamshard. Other similar games to dream quest are A Long Way Down, Monster Slayers and Card Quest.