This is the first post of roguelike deck-building games series on this site. I wanted to dive into the history of roguelike card games before posting about specific games I played so far.

A roguelike deck-building game is a hybrid genre of video games that combine deck-building card games with roguelike games.

The first deckbuilding card game is Dominion which was introduced in 2008 but it was not a roguelike. The first roguelike deck-building game is Dream Quest which is released in 2014. It is developed for ios by Peter Whalen. (He is my idol and currently working for my another favorite game Hearthstone) Lastly, the most known roguelike deck-building game Slay The Spire is released by Megacrit in November 2017 and this genre became very popular. Some say the history of this genre is much older because of games like Magic The Gathering: Shandalar, Pox Nora, etc. but I think they are not similar enough to be considered as nowadays deck builders.

Apart from deckbuilders Dreamshard battle system is inspired by most successful CCG Hearthstone. That game itself is also inspired by most known TCG Magic: The Gathering.

There are also more than 30 roguelike deck builders nowadays. I will write about them in the next blog posts. Lastly, I want to share that the battle system in Dreamshard won’t be like deck builders it will be more like card games.